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Slim Look Knee Pads

Slim Look Knee Pads

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Don't let bulky knee pads kill your vibe! Grab a pair of the latest slim-look knee pads. Featuring a gel insert, made from super comfy material with the perfect amount of stretch and a sticky upper lining so no slipping down! Available in nude and black.  

Perfect for flawless flows and choreos. Here’s why they’re a must:

▫️New Look - no white rings in the centre of the knee pad
▫️No chunky knee pads ruining your lines
▫️Effortlessly glide across the floor for seamless moves
▫️Available in black and nude
▫️Nude are barely noticeable while dancing
▫️Black a great for over tights and under boots
▫️Sticky upper lining to prevent slipping
▫️Super comfy and stretchy 


Small: 13cm top diameter (plus 5cm stretch)

Medium: 14cm top diameter (plus 5cm stretch)

Large: 15cm top diameter (plus 5cm stretch)

SHIPPING: Our knee pads are always in stock and shipped the NEXT BUSINESS DAY!


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