Thinking of trying Pole Dancing... read this first!

Thinking of trying Pole Dancing... read this first!

Pole dancing is a fun and challenging sport that combines strength, flexibility, and dance. It can be intimidating for beginners and more often then not its something we "think" about doing but never quite have the confidence to try, but with the right guidance and attitude, anyone can learn to pole dance. Here are some tips and advice for beginner pole dancers:

  1. Pole dancing studios are very welcoming and inclusive communities where people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels can come together and support one another. Look for a studio with experienced instructors who create a positive and supportive environment for their students. The best studios prioritize safety, inclusivity, and fun, and they're always happy to welcome new students. Don't be afraid to reach out to a studio to ask questions or express any concerns you may have. Remember that pole dancing is for everyone, and there's no need to feel intimidated or excluded.

  2. You don't need to have prior strength or flexibility. Many beginners feel intimidated by the strength and flexibility required for pole dancing, but it's important to remember that these skills can be developed over time. You don't need to have prior strength or flexibility to start pole dancing, and you'll gradually build these skills through regular practice. The key is to be patient, consistent, and committed to your practice. Practice exercises that target your upper body and core, such as push-ups, planks, and pull-ups, and stretch regularly to improve your flexibility. With time and practice, you'll be surprised at how quickly your strength and flexibility improve.

  3. Go easy on yourself! Don't compare yourself to others: Pole dancing is a journey, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Don't compare yourself to others in your class or on social media. Especially don't compare yourself to your instructor, they have been doing this for years! Focus on your own progress and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Remember, pole dancing is about building your confidence as much as anything else!

  4. Practice makes perfect! Pole dancing can be challenging, both physically and mentally. Embrace the challenge and don't give up when things get tough. Remember that progress takes time, and every small step counts. 

  5. Have fun! Above all, pole dancing is a fun and enjoyable sport. Don't take it too seriously and remember to have fun! Enjoy the music, the movements, and the community of pole dancers.

In summary, pole dancing can be a great sport for beginners who are looking to build strength, flexibility, and dance skills. Find a reputable studio, wear the right clothes, build strength and flexibility, don't compare yourself to others, embrace the challenge, and above all, have fun!

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